I am, first and foremost an artist.   I like capturing people and expressions.  My style tends to be very dark or weird. 
I shoot art on color or B&W film, digital infrared, and on occasion digital color. 
I am looking for artistic collaborators.  I tend to not plan my projects, instead I draw inspiration from the people I photograph.  I feel there has to be a connection between a photographer and the subject.  I like to meet with my artistic collaborators and have a conversation before capturing any images. 
I spend very little time in photoshop if my images are digital, and if I'm shooting film, none at all. 

I shoot life; bright or dark, it doesn't matter, unfiltered life is fascinating. 

I rarely have an idea going into a shoot.  I treat photography as an art form before anything else.  Like Michalangelo, who said "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."  I capture moments onto a canvas. I never know what or when those moments are, until they present themselves to me.  During a shoot, I discover moments and collect them onto film.  My photos are to be treated as a whole.  The backgrounds are carefully positioned, just like any model or foreground textures.  Once in a while I'll focus on a theme, but even that theme can get thrown out the window if the scene dictates otherwise.  I find it important to be in tune with all that surrounds me.  I listen carefully to the environ and allow it to tell me what to pull onto my canvas.